The Idea

It started with two of us, software engineers. We decided to do something different. What ? we didn’t have much clue. Though some ideas were floating here and there but nothing was concrete. We quit our jobs and tried to give shape to the idea. Though idea kept on changing its shape and form but some central pieces remained intact. All versions of our idea contained, “fun”, , “People”, “imagination”, and “animation”. Finally we stuck with idea of creating a simple app where user can create animated stories. We named it Tweencraft.


Tweencraft will help people express their imaginations with animation stories.


The Journey: While ideating we focused on the “what” part, we ignored the “how”.

Here comes the “how”.

Though we were software engineers and had experience on systems and hardwares but we had zero experience of app development. If succeeded tweencraft will be our first application. Shameless persistence paid its due, we were able to do or learn and do almost everything required. Assembling hardwares, writing utility softwares to expedite the development, hiring interns or cooking, we were able to do all of it. Today we are three engineers and one animator.


Our initial plan to launch the app was of 8 months but it took 2 years. The overshoot it attributed to multiple pivots in unknown territories. The “How" had many pleasent surprises. The Goal: We will declare our goal achieved if we are able to ignite the creative fire in our users. If we are able to give wings to their imaginations, we are done.